Full-Length Plays

  • Ampersand
    Full Length Tragicomedy, 5 M, 4 W, Riverside Stage Company Founder's Award Winner, first produced October 1999, Riverside Stage Company, NYC:
    On his way to his wedding, Robert ends up in the Middle of Nowhere with the Man, who's really a woman, and the Son, who isn't anybody's son that Robert can see.  With the help of Lana, another visitor to this strange place, Robert must find out how to get home, and, ultimately, who he is.
  • The Armageddon Dance Party
    Full Length Comedy, 4M, 5W, first produced August 2006, W&W Productions, NYC, as part of 2006 New York International Fringe Festival:

    When John and Michelle learn Armageddon has begun, they decide to throw a party.  With dancing!  They soon learn, however, that the Apocalypse won’t be as fun as they thought.
  • The Divine Visitor
    Full Length Restoration Comedy with a twist, 4M, 4W, first produced April 2015, Northern Kentucky University as part of their 17th Biennial Y.E.S. Festival:

    The rake Whitestone, after faking his own death to escape his debts, finds his escape plans interrupted when he finds out every beautiful woman in town wept at his funeral.  He chooses to stay and seduce the ladies by appearing as his own ghost, but the townsfolk believe him to be an angel, and soon all of the women are hoping to be divinely inspired by this messenger of God.  When a visitor who is truly from beyond arrives in town, however, Whitestone and the town of Langfoss-on-Stow will never be the same again.
  • Eclipsing Binaries
    Full Length Drama, 3M, 3W, first produced April 1996, Asian American Playhouse, Ithaca, NY:

    Nine scenes, taking place before, during and after a solar eclipse, detail the arguments of couples and what, good and bad, can result.
  • How To Kill Friends and Influence Monarchs (and Other Things Shakespeare Taught Me)
    Full Length Comedy, 2M, 2W, first produced April 1996, Gateway Theatre, Ithaca, NY:

    A satire about a poet, his new literary agent, his Shakespeare-obsessed girlfriend, and the lambasting of any and all things having to do with the Bard.
  • In The Meantime
    Full Length Drama, 1M, 2W, first produced May 2012, Amios Theatre Company, NYC:

    At a bar during the closing seconds of a football game, Gretchen, Edgar, and Astor explore multiple realities.  Over the course of these iterations, allegiances are formed and broken, the game is won and lost, and the three people grapple with the notion that even the slightest action can profoundly affect the trajectories of their lives.
  • The Information She Carried
    Full Length Drama, 3M, 4W, first produced March 2005, W&W Productions, NYC, additionally produced as part of 2005 NY International Fringe Festival

    Conspiracy theorist Sharon North yearns to discover the truth behind the Challenger explosion.  Will her plan to steal a baseball with a history as dark are her own finally uncover the facts she's seeking?
  • Spake
    Full Length Drama, 3M, 4W, first produced April 2013, Northern Kentucky University as part of their 16th Biennial Y.E.S. Festival:

    In a packed Siberian church on a snowy day, a priest is eulogizing a 109-year-old town leader when the roof caves in, killing everyone inside.  Only one speaker of the Ujide language remains: Nicholas, who's still at college.  His ex-girlfriend Jessica also has languages on the brain: namely finding a wellspring language, an idea that intrigued deceased Ithaca serial killer Edward Rulloff.  The collapse begins an amazing sequence of events involving the untranslated Voynich manuscript, a spell, the return of Rulloff and Nicholas' dead sister, and a Tower of Babel reversal.  A few flakes of snow will change the world forever.
  • The Starving
    Full Length Drama, 1M, 2W, first produced April-May 2015, Barter Theatre, Abbingdon, Virginia:

    In the not-so-distant future, massive food shortages have led to the unthinkable: the young have risen up against the old, and society has split along generational lines.  Two representatives have been sent to the negotiating table, and the fate of humanity is in their hands.
  • The Winners
    Full Length Drama, 1M, 2W, winner 2010 GreenHouse New Play Festival, will be produced September 2011, HotCity Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri:

    Cassie & Kurt, a couple in their late thirties, have won $337 million in the lottery and as their first big spending spree they hire Tiffany, a twenty-three year old Asian-American call girl, to spend the night with them.  What starts as a sexual fantasy turns into something darker, though, when one member of the couple decides that what can really be bought with all this money isn't just sex but freedom.  A freedom that could very well tear this family apart with changes that can't ever be taken back.

    One-Act Plays

  • Behind the Nine Ball
    One-Act Drama, 2M, 2nd Place, 1996 Heerman's McCalmon Playwriting Contest, first produced November 1996, Gateway Theatre, Ithaca, NY:

    Two hitmen, in a series of conversations, discuss how they feel about what they do, and the inevitable outcomes of their lives.
  • The Counteroffer
    One-Act Drama, 1M, 2W, first produced December 2011, aMios Theatre Company's Arrivals & Departures, NYC:
    Negotiation is the name of the game when a representative of the 1% tries to peel one leader away from the Occupy Wall Street protest.
  • The Craving
    One Act Drama, 1M, 1W, first produced June 2009, Source Festival 2009, Washington, D.C.:

    Melanie and Judd have been using fake fights to turn themselves on, but tonight it's started a real fight, one about needs, both physical and emotional, that might never be fulfilled.  What was once just a way to rev up their engines, has turned into a darker discussion about their cravings and lines they never thought they’d cross.
  • Ingulf
    One-Act Comedy, 3M, 3W, 1st Place, 1998 Heerman's McCalmon Playwriting Contest, first produced January 2003, W&W Productions, NYC:

    In the Bradley home a large bottomless pit has appeared in the middle of the living room, andonly the grandfather and one-night-stand of son Albert seem bothered by it.  They're rightfully frightened of the hole, but should be of the Bradley family as well.
  • Lesbian School
    One-Act Comedy, 2M, 5W, first produced October 1995, Gateway Theatre, Ithaca, NY:

    Satire about a culture so obsessed with lesbianism as a chic trend that schools are created to teach this "lifestyle" to young women.
  • The Murder of Gonzago
    One-Act Drama, 5M, 2W, 1st Place, 1996 Heerman's McCalmon Playwriting Contest, presented as a staged reading February 1996, Cornell Theatre Arts Department, Ithaca, NY:

    In a land ruled by tyranny, Edward is a rising force in the growing revolution.  Over an increasingly bloody day, he learns that those he loves and trusts are not what they seem.
  • Near Tragedy
    One-Act Drama, 1M, 1W, 2nd Place, 1997 Heerman's McCalmon Playwriting Contest, first produced March 2000, Zabawa Theatre, NYC:

    Two lonely people, unknown to each other except for an anonymous chain letter, discover whether the grass is really greener on the other side as they imagine what it might be like to be with these interesting strangers.
  • The Remake
    One-Act Comedy, 2M, 2W, first produced June 2010, Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY, 13th Annual Black Box New Play Festival:

    Studio executive Leland is having a problem with Martin, a screenwriter he has under contract. Martin has written a remake of a movie that should never have been remade. The one problem? It's a great script. What to do?
  • Sibbleger
    One-Act Comedy, 1M, 2W, first produced June 2011, Gallery Players, Brooklyn, NY, 14th Annual Black Box New Play Festival:

    Big movie star Sherry has been attached to star in “The Next Week,” a gritty and explicit film about sex, loss, and longing.  Unfortunately her brother Jack was already cast as the male lead in the film.  When Jack goes to confront Sherry and her agent about this, they’re forced to decide who wants the film more, and just how willing audiences are to suspend their disbelief.
  • The Tailers
    One Act Drama, 1M, 1W, first produced January 2005, Acme New Works Winter Festival 2005, Maynard, Massachusetts:

    In a land where contracting a fatal disease is seen as an act of righteousness, two strangers who have just slept together wait to see if she has caught the illness he says he has.
  • Under Protest
    One Act Drama, 1M, 1W, first produced March 2014, Belarusian Freedom Day, multiple international locations:

    When a woman is mistakenly brought in for participating in an illegal protest, a government official must admit he is wrong or twist the world to make sure that he is right.
  • Where The Soul Lives
    One Act Drama, 1M, 1W, first produced March 2007, Theatre Three's Tenth Annual Festival of One Act Plays, Port Jefferson, NY:

    Susan and Doug, talking in bed, begin a playful conversation about what they could do to each other (and still get away with).  As the conversation progresses, though, they walk a thin line between sex and violence and discover just how dependent on each other's good behavior they really are.
  • The Wolf Manhood
    One Act Comedy, 1M, 1W, first produced October 2010, Shortened Attention Span Theatre 2010 Horror Festival, New York NY:

    Newly-dating Lon and Evelyn have to face Lon's dark secret when the moon is full.  Evelyn had no idea about Lon's hidden past; Lon may not be so sure either.


  • The Bully
    One-Act Children’s Musical, music and lyrics by John Gregor, 4M, 3W, first produced December 2005, Vital Theatre, NYC:
    The biggest bully and the nerdiest kid at a middle school forge an unlikely friendship when they find themselves stuck together at the wrong school and facing the biggest bully of them all, a sweet, smart girl named Meg.
  • The Johnny
    Full Length Musical Comedy, music by David F.M. Vaughn, 8M, 7W, first produced August 2008, Awesome Junior Productions, NYC, as part of 2008 New York International Fringe Festival:

    The Johnny is the musical that answers the question:  What happened to the bullying blonde jock in all those beloved '80s movies AFTER he lost to the scrappy young underdog?  Drawing on inspirations such as The Karate Kid and Back to School, The Johnny tells a completely new story that begins just as those nerd-defeats-bully stories are ending.
  • Tess’ Last Night
    Full Length Musical Comedy, music and lyrics by Joel Weiss, 8M, 8W, first produced January 2003, W&W Productions, NYC, additionally produced as part of 2003 NY International Fringe Festival:

    Tess, a fresh-faced young girl from the mythical kingdom of Canada, pursues her twin dreams of children's theatre stardom and love.  With her pure heart and plucky personality, Tess braves the treacherous world of sex, drugs and New York children's theatre.  In no time, Tess is playing all seven dwarfs at once, marrying the director who discovered her, becoming the new children's theatre It girl, losing her fame and love, and finding it again in the wilds of Buffalo and the arms of a puppeteer.  Through the successes and the heartbreaks, Tess never wavers from her dreams or loses her accent.