Near Tragedy

What's the character breakdown?

1 man and 1 woman

How long is it?

It's a one-act play, 27 pages long.  It plays at about 40 minutes.

Has it been produced?  

Yes, three productions, one at the Cornell Centre for Theatre Arts in 1998, one at HERE Arts Center in New York City in 2000, and one at the Mazer Theatre in New York City in 2003.

Has it won any awards?

Yes, it won second place in the Heermans-McCalmon Playwriting Contest at Cornell University in 1997.

What's it about?  

Two lonely people, unknown to each other except for an anonymous chain letter, discover whether the grass is really greener on the other side as they imagine what it might be like to be with these interesting strangers.

Can I read a sample?  

Of course you can!  You can read it right here.

Any pictures of past productions?  

Not yet.

Has it been published?

Not yet, but I'll always entertain offers.