What's the character breakdown?

3 men and 3 women (with doubling)

How long is it?

It's a full-length play, 84 pages long.  It plays at 1 1/2 hours, plus whatever brief intermission you'd like.

Has it been produced?  

Yes, one production by the Asian American Playhouse at Cornell University, spring 1996.

What's it about?  

It's nine scenes, taking place before, during and after a solar eclipse, detailing the arguments of couples and what, good and bad, can result.

Can I read a sample?  

Since the nine scenes are their own little plays, I don't really have any samples, but if you'd like to read certain scenes, feel free to ask.

Any pictures of past productions?  

Not yet.

Has it been published?

Not yet, but I'll always entertain offers.