Lydia 2018

What's the character breakdown?

4 women and 1 man.

How long is it?

It's a full-length play, 94 pages long.  With an intermission, it plays at about 1:40.

Has it been produced?  

Not yet.  It was chosen for Steel River Playhouse’s Refinery playwriting series, with the first staged reading June 2019, and the second scheduled for fall 2019.

What's it about?  

In the midst of her failing House campaign, Assemblywoman Cora Greer gets a visit from Lydia, a constituent who plays her a tape of Cora making white supremacist statements. Lydia admits its a fake, one that audio engineer Lydia constructed, and tells Cora that she can make a similar tape defaming Cora’s opponent. This offer of electoral fraud kicks off a story about relationships ruined by politics, the longing for a time that is never coming back, losing even when you win, and how our current political climate seems to have infected every part of our day to day existence.

Can I read a sample?  

Of course you can!  You can read it right here.

Has it been published?

Not yet, but I'll always entertain offers.