What's the character breakdown?

1 woman, 2 men

How long is it?

It's a one-act play, 30 pages long.  It plays at about 30 minutes.

Has it been produced?  

It will be, by Theatre Odyssey in Sarasota Florida, in October-November 2019.

Has it won any awards?

Yes, it was chosen as a finalist by Theatre Odyssey in their 2nd Annual One-Act Play Festival in 2019.

What's it about?  

A couple of young tourists in a foreign country have just been arrested. They’re not sure why they’re being detained, but when an attorney sent by the local government arrives to review their case, they learn, to their dismay, what their crime was and more importantly, what their punishment is going to be.

Can I read a sample?  

Just send me an email and I’m happy to do it.

Any pictures of past productions?  

Not yet, sorry.

Has it been published?

Not yet, but I'll always entertain offers.